CSKA Is On The Top. For Sure

David Andersen (photo A. Ivanov)
CSKA finished the game against Ulker with the score 90-77. The Army club advantage could be even more overwhelming as in the middle of the last quarter the score was 80-60. CSKA center David Andersen scored 22 points in the game (73 % FG!), Marcus Brown added 14 and J.R.Holden – 12.

The other statistical record that is worth to mention is 3 shots blocked by Theodoros Papaloukas. Two of them there made in a row and it took the guard just one second and a half. Of course, this play was one of the greatest actions of the game. The other cool and funny moment came in the beginning of the last quarter. David Andersen was forced to hang on the basket for rather along time after a slam dunk because if he would fall down he may cause injury of Ulker Dion Glover who laid under the basket.

CSKA vs Ulker: 90-77

The first half of the game was rather an intriguing one as the maximum difference between the teams was just 6 points (16-10 in the middle of the 1st quarter). Both of the rivals did not show even a sign of being nervous.

In the beginning of the 2nd half the rhythm of the game fastened up and Ulker could not keep on defend in the same way and was not able to find any other solution to stop CSKA. The only player who was able to score on the Turkish side was Serkan Erdogan. He brought his team all but 5 points in the period but in the end of it seemed to be tired. CSKA became the leader – 70-60 in the end of the quarter.

Ulker was scoreless in the first 3 minutes and a half of the last period. Of course CSKA used the weakness of the opponent and closed the question about the winner of the game with 5 minutes to go – 80-60. The Turkish team managed to reduce CSKA lead to 13 points.

CSKA head coach Dusan Ivkovic:

- I think that today we played a good game at a very high rhythm. We beat such a good team as Ulker in all 4 quarters. But our own game in first and second halves was different. Until the big rest our defense was not at the expected level. Ulker scored 42% of 2-pointers and 45% of 3-pointers. It is an unbelivable precentage for a home game. In the third quarter our defense was very good. We must play in defense like this in every game. Today Sergey Monya has shown very good play, he could stop Stombergas who made many troubles for us in the first half. Tomorrow we have practice, we have to continue our job and prepare to the serious game in Perm against Ural Great.

Ulker head coach Ergin Ataman:

-I think that today we did not control the game. CSKA did not allow us to play our game. Our defense was bad, and we were unlucky in the offense. In the first half it was a point-to-point game. But then we lost concentration and lost. I am not satisfied with the work of the referees. I think that it was a very strange decision tu put on the game for the first place in the group such a young referee as Vojinovic. I want to congratulate CSKA for this win.
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo V. Ivanov)
Demos Dikoudis dunks (photo A. Ivanov)
Jon Robert Holden (photo A. Ivanov)
David Andersen (photo A. Ivanov)
Martin Muursepp (photo A. Ivanov)
Sergey Monya (photo A. Ivanov)
Marcus Brown (photo A. Ivanov)
Alexey Savrasenko  (photo A. Ivanov)
Andrey Kirilenko  (photo A. Ivanov)
 Dusan Ivkovic (photo A. Ivanov)