Nothing new in the Derby

Daniel Hackett (photo: M. Serbin,
Our team proved to be a better team in the game against Khimki.

CSKA vs. Khimki Moscow region: 88-74 (+14)

CSKA: De Colo (10 + 3 as), Peters (5 + 3 rb + 2 as), Hackett (14 + 3 rb), Kurbanov (5), Hines (7 + 5 as) – start; Bolomboy (4 + 6 rb + 2 as), Antonov (0), Rodriguez (12 + 5 as + 3 to), Clyburn (10 + 7 rb), Higgins (11 + 2 as + 3 to), Kulagin (6 + 4 pf), Hunter (4)…

Khimki: Bost (5 + 5 rb + 7 as), Green (0), Zubkov (2 + 3 rb + 2 st), Jenkins (7 + 3 rb), Thomas (15 + 5 rb + 2 bs) – start; Crocker (13), Vyaltsev (0), Zaytsev (0), Markovic (18 + 4 pf), Monya (2 as + 2 st + 4 pf), Gubanov (0), Mickey (14 + 5 rb + 2 st + 2 bs)…

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
First I want to congratulate my team. For sure it’s important to win against our rival in the city, although it as obvious they were missing Shved and Gill, which is a big part of their game. But I think that we played also with some significant players out last season and nobody was feeling pity for us. So we played seriously in the game. Unfortunately in the fourth quarter we did not play according to the level and the potential that we can meet. The fact that we kept a vert talented and first in three-point attempts and shooting to 8 three-pointers at such a low percentage was one of the keys.

Sergio Rodriguez (photo: M. Serbin,
Cory Higgins (photo: M. Serbin,
Will Clyburn (photo: M. Serbin,
Nando De Colo (photo: M. Serbin,
Kyle Hines (photo: M. Serbin,
Mikhail Kulagin (photo: M. Serbin,
Alec Peters (photo: T. Makeeva,
Joel Bolomboy (photo: T. Makeeva,
Othello Hunter (photo: T. Makeeva,
Nikita Kurbanov (photo: M. Serbin,
(photo: M. Serbin,
CSKA (photo: M. Serbin,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo: T. Makeeva,
(photo: M. Serbin,
Anastasiya 	Shumkova (photo: M. Serbin,
Daniel Hackett (photo: T. Makeeva,
Joel Bolomboy (photo: T. Makeeva,
Cory Higgins (photo: M. Serbin,
Dimitris Itoudis and Sergio Rodriguez (photo: M. Serbin,
Alec Peters (photo: M. Serbin,
Othello Hunter (photo: M. Serbin,
Will Clyburn (photo: M. Serbin,
Mikhail Kulagin (photo: M. Serbin,
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