Kyle Hines’ new role

Kyle Hines (photo:
Our team’s center Kyle Hines spent two busy days in Barcelona, participated in three meetings and got elected to players union management.

We started off our trip in Barcelona with the One Team session where we had an opportunity to work with legendary player David Rivers, Hines said. "We had great workshop, learning and participating in different One Team exercises. The main thing of the day was using this exercises to take back to our individual communities, communities that we play in, communities that we live in, to help encourage the less fortunate people, the people in need to take part in this exercises and bring the emphasis that no matter what we are all One Team, one community. No matter what team we are playing for, no matter our race, color, where we from individually. We should live and act that way.

From there we left to the EuroLeague headquarters where he a meeting with the President and management of the EuroLeague. They gave us a breakdown of EuroLeague business, its state, goals, perspectives. I think overall it was a very productive meeting. They heard our opinions about different things, we were able to share our concerns, invalidate a lot of things that they were talking about. Ive personally learnt a lot of things about the business. Safe to say that EuroLeague has bright future, I continue to be a part of it and look forward to future that the league has.

Today we had a meeting of the EuroLeague Players Association where we discussed the official formation of the Association, voted on Board members, governing members, President [Luigi Datome from Fenerbahce], First Vice President [Kyle Hines], vice-chairmen. It was another very productive meeting. We finally come together as players, as one unified voice to protect our rights, our issues, to have opportunity to voice our concerns. Our main goal is make players careers better, to care of health on and off basketball court. Now we have the unit to protect our rights. It was a great meeting, great weekend. I was very honored to be named the First Vice President by the players. I look very much forward to help the players, voice their concerns and make the future brighter."