Not against us

Nikita Kurbanov (photo: M. Serbin,
Visitors from Malaga need every win desperately but our team did not leave a single chance to them.

CSKA vs. Unicaja Malaga: 101-76 (+25)

CSKA: Rodriguez (11 + 7 as), Vorontsevich (2 + 4 rb), Higgins (8 + 3 as), Kurbanov (10 + 6 rb + 3 as), Hines (7) – start; De Colo (23 + 2 st + 4 to), Rudd (2 + 4 pf), Fridzon (2 + 3 rb + 2 as), Westermann (9 + 5 as), Antonov (4 + 4 rb), Clyburn (13 + 4 rb + 6 as), Hunter (10 + 2 st)…

Unicaja: Okouo (4 + 5 rb), McCallum (7), Milosavljevic (8), Nedovic (15 + 3 rb + 5 as + 3 to + 4 pf), Brooks (2 + 3 as) – start; Soluade (2 + 3 to), Diaz (7 + 5 as), Salin (3), Diez (7), Waczynski (5), Augustine (12 + 7 rb), Suarez (4 + 3 rb + 5 as + 2 st + 5 to)…

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
Congratulations to the team, we played better and deserved to win. We had our issues, first of all defensively in the first half, but we continued to work on it, we fulfilled our plan and improved our game. We allowed 33 points in the second after 43 in the first half, we were more active, energetic, smart. We played well against good defensive team which is very competitive in practically all games it is playing in, that is still in fight for playoff spot. Our approach was very serious. And we tried to share time: nobody played more than 22 minutes tonight. We moved the ball well, we were unselfish, we created open looks. It is great to have almost 30 assists in the EuroLeague game. Now the most important thing is to stay healthy in mind and body. I would like to thank our fans who created great atmosphere. I think they like how we play, and we are glad that we can make them happy.

Nando De Colo (photo: M. Serbin,
Will Clyburn (photo: M. Serbin,
Sergio Rodriguez (photo: M. Serbin,
Othello Hunter (photo: M. Serbin,
Nikita Kurbanov (photo: T. Makeeva,
Leo Westermann (photo: M. Serbin,
Cory Higgins (photo: T. Makeeva,
Semen Antonov (photo: T. Makeeva,
Andrey Vorontsevich (photo: M. Serbin,
(photo: T. Makeeva,
Dimitris 	Itoudis (photo: M. Serbin,
CSKA fans (photo: T. Makeeva,
(photo: M. Serbin,
CSKA dance team (photo: T. Makeeva,
(photo: M. Serbin,
Will Clyburn (photo: T. Makeeva,
Nando De Colo (photo: M. Serbin,
Cory Higgins (photo: M. Serbin,
Othello Hunter (photo: T. Makeeva,
Victor Rudd (photo: M. Serbin,
Sergio Rodriguez (photo: T. Makeeva,
CSKA dance team (photo: M. Serbin,
Will Clyburn (photo: M. Serbin,
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