Victory to finish the Greek tour

Will Clyburn
Our team won the third of four games of Athens part of the preseason.

Lavrio – CSKA: 71-93 (13-26, 18-22, 19-28, 21-17)

CSKA: Katsivelis 5, Higgins 12, Klyburn 11, Korobkov 9, Hunter 10 – start, De Colo 15, Maleyko 11, Makiev 10, Westermann 6, Hines 2, Vostrikov 2.

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
It was a good game, we played serious. I can say that we saw what we wanted to see. Last three games satisfy overall but of course there is huge space to develop. Nando is back with us and played on good level, we tried him in different lineups. Great to see that injury to Leo was not so serious and he was instrumental to our victory. Last quarter we played using majorly juniors. We extend our stay in Athens for one more to day. We will honor Duda Ivkovic tomorrow and I would like to thank him and organizers of his event for the charter flight that will take our team to Croatia for Zadar Tournament.

Othello Hunter
Pаvel Korobkov
Cory Higgins
Dimitris 	Itoudis
Kyle Hines
Anton 	Astapkovich
Othello Hunter
Leo Westermann
Alan Makiev
Leo Westermann
Artem 	Vostrikov
Kyle Hines
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Lavrio B.C. vs CSKA. Highlights

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