Sergio Rodriguez: first Spanish player in CSKA history!

Our team returned guard Sergio Rodriguez (31 y.o., 191 cm), EuroLeague champion and MVP, from overseas.

The point guard, the first Army Team player born in Spain, signed 2+1 contract that will become valid after the medical tests in GMS Clinic of Moscow.

Canarias born player is considered one of the most talented in his generation. His name is connected to practically all National Team successes starting from Sergios junior age he brought his U18 team to European gold in 2004 while taking the MVP of the tournament. Rodriguez has won two Olympic medals (2012 London silver and 2016 Rio bronze), 2006 World Championship, 2015 Eurobasket, he took European silver (2007) and bronze (2013). His trophy case includes also EuroLeague title (2015) and EuroLeague MVP (2014).

All his European career was played in Madrid: he started as a pro with Estudiantes (2003-06) and continued in Real (2010-16) after his first return from the NBA. Rodrigues went to the other side of Atlantic ocean after being picked 27th during 2006 NBA Draft. He played for Portland under his rookie contract, he was traded to Sacramento and then to New York in the span of one season. Last season has become his statistically best year in the NBA: Sergio played in 68 games for Philadelphia (30 starts) averaging 7.8 points, 2.3 rebounds, 5.1 assists in 22.3 minutes.

He played 355 games in the worlds best league (52 starts) averaging 4.9 points, 1.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 15.0 minutes. His EuroLeague career averages 9.7 points, 1.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists in 20.4 minutes of 163 games (36 starts).

Dimitris Itoudis, CSKA head coach:
There is no secret that after Teos departure overseas (and I wish him good luck and to be as happy there as he was in CSKA) me, my assistants and, of course, clubs management worked hard and made huge analysis of the market to find another point guard to strengthen the team. It is important that while talking to me on the phone Sergio Rodriguez expressed his big wish and desire to continue career in Moscow. We discussed many details regarding the team and the players, he knows most of our guys well. Sergios playing style is built on recognizing the situations, he is the facilitator on offense who is able to find good shots for himself, to create best possible situations for teammates, to make other players on his team better. He had two stints in the NBA, he was EuroLeague champion and MVP, played great for his National Team, mature enough to understand the game in every competition we play. He is a proved winner, experienced player but he assured me that he is still ready to work hard and develop his game. Sergio and his family weighted out the decision very carefully and took it with responsibility. We need Rodriguez to be vocal on the floor with his game and authority, and I am sure he will quickly establish great connection with our guys.

Sergio Rodriguez, CSKA guard:
I am very happy and excited for this new stage of my life. Playing for an important team like CSKA is a big challenge. A challenge so important in my career that I take it with a lot of eagerness. I will go to Moscow and give it all to compete for all the titles that we will play for. It will be a great personal experience to live in Moscow with my family, and get to know its culture.