CSKA held first practice in the full roster

Panov vs Muursepp (photo cskabasket.com)
On Sunday CSKA held its first practice in the full roster. This day Estonian forward Martin Muursepp came back to Moscow. Sergey Monya who has leave the hospital only several days ago also participated in the practice on equal rights. In the end of it the head coach of the team Dusan Ivkovic said him thanks for his job. Greece guard Theodoros Papaloukas also participated in the practice without special mask for his nose which was broken in Serbia and Montenegro.

Army players will train in Moscow, on October, 1 they will flight to Saint-Petersburg. There they will participate in Vladimir Kondrashin and Alexander Belov Cup. Next day they will go to the training camp to Kirishi for 6 days. On October, 7 CSKA will hold the friendly game against Spartak Saint-Petersburg.

Last week before the start of the season army players will have practices in Moscow in USH CSKA. On October, 13 they will play in one more friendly game against Dynamo Moscow Region. Both game will be close for spectators.

ull squad at the disposal of Ivkovic (photo cskabasket.com)
Dusan Ivcovic & Eugeny Pashutin (photo cskabasket.com)
Sergey Monya & Alexey Savrasenko (photo cskabasket.com)
David Andersen (photo cskabasket.com)
Antonio Granger (photo cskabasket.com)
Nikita Kurbanov (photo cskabasket.com)
J.R.Holden (photo cskabasket.com)
Sergey Panov (photo cskabasket.com)
Theodoros Papaloukas (photo cskabasket.com)
Sergey Monya (photo cskabasket.com)
Zakhar Pashutin (photo cskabasket.com)
Marcus Brown (photo cskabasket.com)
Demos Dikoudis (photo cskabasket.com)
Alexey Savrasenko (photo cskabasket.com)
Vasiliy Zavoruev (photo cskabasket.com)
Martin Muursepp (photo cskabasket.com)
J.R.Holden (photo cskabasket.com)
Demos Dikudis (photo cskabasket.com)