Second time in a month

Milos Teodosic, Dimitris Itoudis and Nando De Colo (photo: M. Serbin,
Nymburk will become the first team to play against the Army Men twice this season.

Differently from the other double trips the red-blues did not stay in the city after the game. The OrenAir charter flight took CSKA to Prague immediately after the winning finish of the game in Malaga. The team arrived to Czech capital at 5 am local time, rested in the hotel, watched video and went for the practice.

We play second game against Nymburk in less than a month, CSKA head coach Dimitris Itoudis. We played good game against them in November but our opponents were missing three important players. Nymburk is playing much better this year, they are athletic and mobile, they are able to score points and we have to match their energy to win here. I like the way the team reacted in the second half in Malaga, we defended well, rebounded, closed out. This is the way we have to play here in our second game in three days.

Relatility connection

Joel Freeland and Jiri Welsch played for Unicaja in 2009-10 season.

Past matchups

Wins-losses: 6-1
VTB United League. 20.10.2011: CSKA Nymburk: 80-69 (+11)
VTB United League. 07.03.2012: Nymburk CSKA: 79-60 (-19)
VTB United League. 11.11.2012: CSKA Nymburk: 84-75 (+9)
VTB United League. 17.03.2013: Nymburk CSKA: 63-76 (+13)
VTB United League. 14.12.2014: Nymburk CSKA: 73-86 (+13)
VTB United League. 30.03.2015: CSKA Nymburk: 102-67 (+35)
VTB United League. 22.11.2015: CSKA Nymburk: 119-68 (+51)

Short dossier

Nymburk, Czech Republic
Founded: 1929
Colors: red, white
Home court for the game: Královka Praha 7 (3.000)
President: Miroslav Jansta
Head coach: Ronen Ginsburg
Trophy case: 12-time Czech champion (2004-15), 11-time Czech Cup winner (2004, 2005, 2007-15)