Cup stayed in Perm

Losing in all aspects in the fist half CSKA could not catch Ural-Great in the second one. Desperate attempt to catch up opponent hardly was not crowned with success. But time on the scoreboard and 3-pointers of Perm club did not let CSKA to repeat Tel-Aviv wonder:

CSKA vs Ural-Great: 99-105

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

- First of all I would like to congratulate Ural-Great with deserved victory. This team was really best on this tournament. I would like to say thank of the very good organization of tournament. Three days instead of two is much better. Ural-Great deserved this victory. Our defense in the first half was not on enough level. We have to work hard and make deep analyze now. But I would like to thanks my players. Losing 19 points they did not give up and tried to catch opponent.

The head coach of Ural-Great Sergey Belov:

- The key of our victory is our advantage in speed. I can’t name this victory accidental. We hold leadership during all the game. Army team had chances to win only on last minutes. May be we were better in the wishing to win and motivation.

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