CSKA won in Rostov

Victor Khryapa: 9 pts + 7 reb (photo G.Philippov)
Yesterday evening Moscow Army team by the charter flight from airport Vnukovo went to Rostov for the first game in Russian Cup quarterfinal against local Lokomotiv. Soon CSKA will play several games more vs the team of Rimas Girskis. Lokomotiv is our opponent in the quarterfinal of play-off of Russian championship.

Lokomotiv Rostov vs CSKA: 66-82

CSKA went to Rostov in the fighting squad. There was not the young guard Egor Vialtsev in the technical roster for this game. Holden, Brown, Monya, Turkcan and Tarlac moved to the game in the starting five. In the beginning of the game Lokomotiv took the initiative: 5-1. Only on the 9th minute of the game Sergey Monya scored 2 points and gave CSKA leadership: 11-12. But later army team could not make good difference: only 15-17 after first quarter.

After the first rest Ivkovic substituted Tarlac to Alexander. But in 12 minutes American center could score only 4 points and make 2 rebounds. In the second quarter Ivkovic put on the parquet Khryapa, Panov and Papaloukas. But those substitutions could not change the course of the game. Teams went to the big rest with the score 35-56.

Probably Ivkovic tried to change something in the rest. But in the third quarter Lokomotiv did not give CSKA to run away. On the 9th minute John Thompson made his team leader: 52-51. Only after it army team could make spurt and win the quarter: 53-58.

Just in the last quarter CSKA has shown who is the real favorite of this game. Marcus Brown who has a birthday today scored 2 3-pointers in a row: 53-64. In last minutes to the final buzzer our team played good and finished the game by 66-82.

Right after the game CSKA went to the airport to come back to Moscow today. The second Cup game will be hold in next Saturday in Moscow, USH CSKA.