CSKA has finished the regular championship by the win

Marcus Brown vs Zakhar Pashutin (photo G/Philippov)
In the last game of the regular championship of Superleague Moscow army team played against Ural-Great Perm. CSKA could finish this step of Russian championship by he major note:

CSKA vs Ural-Great Perm: 80-69

The head coach of CSKA Dusan Ivkovic:

- First of all I would like to congratulate my players with the victory in the regular championship. But I think that now is not good time for compliments and congratulations because we have to concentrate on play-off games. Today my players has miss very simple thing – concentration. We prepared to this game usually. May by the absent of Chikalkin and Abdul-Rauf is the reason of our lost of concentration. Or may be it is my mistake as a coach. I liked play of Perm team in the first half. We never let the opponent to score so many easy points to our basket. We played better in the second half. Papaloukas did not play today for the first time. We need this player in the organization of the game. But never mind I think that my team deserved this victory. Now we have to prepare to the Wednesday game in Euroleague.

The head coach of Ural-Great Sergey Belov:

- It is impossible to play basketball and doing 20 mistakes in assist and let the opponent to make 20 rebounds under our board. We let the opponent to score easy 40 points. The question of the importance of this game is closed in our team. You must show the game you need.

Why Chikalkin did not play today?

- You should address this question to the general manager of the team. I can’t answer it.

J.R. Holden (photo G.Philippov)
Khryapa vs Buskevic (photo G.Philippov)
Turkcan vs Yosipovic (photo G.Philippov)
Marcus Brown vs Zakhar Pashutin (photo G.Philippov)
Sergey Monya (photo G.Philippov)
Lavrinovic vs Alexander (photo G.Philippov)
J.R.Holden (photo G.Philippov)
Avleev vs Monya (photo G.Philippov)