Dmitry Shakulin re-signed with CSKA

Dmitriy Shakulin (photo M. Serbin,
Our team’s assistant coach Dmitry Shakulin signed new 2-year contract with CSKA with option for third year.

Jonas Kazlauskas, CSKA head coach:
Dmitry is a good professional, he worked with many well-known specialists, and he tasted the bread of head coach in the big team. We’ve found common language in our work together; Dmitry understands my requirements and basketball mentality. We had a good conversation after the season end, and I told him: if you want to stay, to work for CSKA – welcome, if you want to choose your own way – I will understand. And I am glad that Dmitry decided to work with our team.

Dmitry Shakulin, CSKA assistant coach:
I am glad to continue my collaboration with CSKA, the next stage of my career begins. Our club is like a big family, and everyone aims to win. I had great experience of working together with Jonas Kazlauskas, who is not just a first-class professional but a great person too. In my three seasons with CSKA I have seen the team in period of blossoming, in period of generation change. Now I am witnessing the rejuvenation of the team, which becomes very strong. It will be interesting to work, and the experience is very important to me. I will try hard to help the club to succeed again.