Dragan Tarlac: Fans must not wait until Euroleague games

Dragan Tarlac (photo cskabasket.com)
Before the third game of semifinal series of play-off one more player of our team answered the questions of our fans. So, Serbian center of CSKA Dragan Tarlac about Russian fans, Moscow, etc:

How did you come to big basketball?

- As I said nothing was specially prepared and organized for it in my childhood. Because of my talent and goad coaching that I had I came to big basketball. I think it was just clearly for that.

What was your height at 10 years?

- I do not remember. But at 14 when I finished primary school I was 192.

When did you begin to play basketball?

- I began to play basketball when I was 14. In school I played different kinds of sport. I played handball a lot, even in the professional team. From the beginning I did not feel that basketball is my game. I just tried to play different games. Only when I became 18 I prefer basketball and started my professional career.

How do you like to work with Dusan Ivkovic? What is the difference between him and other coaches?

- I can talk a lot about him. He found me, he took me to the big team of the first league. He is the best coach I worked with so far. I worked with many top coaches. The difference is in the discipline that he asking from his players. And results in the end shows that his principles and discipline are very important things.

What was the most remembered game in your career?

- All the games that I was winning first places with other teams and national teams. Games of European championship. The game in Olympiakos in the final of Cup of Champions. The game against Chicago Bulls in McDonald’s tournament in Paris.

What is CSKA for you?

- CSKA – is one of the best teams this moment in Europe. And I would as far I will play in CSKA to help team to be in this level.

Who is your best friend in the team?

All the guys are really good. Many of them I knew before. We played against each other so many times. And when I came here I saw that they are really good guys. Very soon and very quickly we found common things.

How did you like this season in CSKA?

- I am going to talk about this when we will finish it. Now we are grow to win Championship. This is the most important thing for us to think about. Because what we did until now in Russian Cup and Euroleague Final Four was not that I can feel good and succeed. Second and third places in any competitions are nothing for me. To be the first is what I want.

Are you planning to stay in CSKA for the next season?

- I have contract 1+1 year here. It depends on the club. When we finish the season we will sit down and think what we are going to do – to continue to our work or no.

Do you follow NBA?

- Yes, I follow NBA games. Many Serbian players are playing there and I have contact with them. I am really happy that they are playing well there. I am happy that are not just participating in the team but represent our country in the best way, playing on the high level.

Do you like films about basketball? What are your favorite films? Would you like to act in a film?

- I am not big fan of films about basketball. I like films which turn the population of our sport to kids. Films with Michael Jordan for kids. I like this kind of movies which make basketball much popular. I would like to act in this kind of movies.

What music do you like?

- Basically Serbian music. Rock, Nirvana. American Indian music. American self music.

Do you feel support from cheerleaders during the game? Is it important for you?

- I think that it is really important for peoples who come to the games. Sometimes it is really brings fans to enjoy the game more.

Do you feel support of our fans?

- Really no. It is really hard to feel any support when you are on the court, absolutely concentrate on the game. During most games in Euroleague it is good support. But I would like to see them more often. For me it was disappointing to play in Dynamo stadium against Lokomotiv without support. I understand that we played quarterfinal games away, not at home arena. But in semifinal of play-off we need bigger support. I do not think that we have to wait until final games or to Euroleague

What is the difference between our fans and fans from other countries?

- It is difference of mentality. All fans all over the world are trying to help their team. I like the way our fans are supporting CSKA. But I would like to see them in a big number.

How do you relax after games?

- After games I go home to my family and relax with them.

Do you have children?

- Yes, I have one kid. His name is Luka. He is 18 months old. He is the best that happened to me so far in my life. He is the most important part of our family.

How do you feel yourself in Moscow?

Feel great. My self, my wife and my kid, we all feel good here.

What are your favorite places in our city?

- Big green parks. And many historical places which Moscow has a lot.

What are you don’t like in Moscow?

- As many big cities traffic and pollution.