CSKA was not open yesterday

and for that reason all staff members, players and coaches went to celebrate the New Year. Anyone calling to inquire were referred to an answering machine which honestly admitted that no one was, nor would be, in the office.

CSKA will spend New Years in Belgrade

Yesterday CSKAs entire roster (together with their families) left for a week-long training camp to be held in the Yugoslavian capital of Belgrade. Preparation will include three friendly games: two with Zeleznik (Dec. 28 and 30 at 20:30 Moscow time) and one with Partizan (Jan. 2 at 20:00 Moscow time).

CSKA to host two crucial Russian national team games

Two crucial home games for the Russian national team in the qualification round of the 2003 European Championships against England (22.01.03) and Italy (25.01.03) will take place at USK CSKA. An agreement was made between the CSKA administration and Olga Smorodskaya, negotiating for RFB President Sergey Chernov and CSKA General Director Sergey Kushchenko.

No news about Songaila today

The examination of CSKA forward Darius Songaila, which should have taken place today, has been postponed. As it turns out, there is currently no electricity in the American city of Charlotte.

PBC CSKA players congratulate Russkoe Radio-2

Yesterday in one of the Russian capitals restaurants a grandiose celebration was held for the anniversary of Russkoe Radio-2, which belongs to the Russian Media Group. Remember, one of the groups other stations - Dinamit FM - is one of our clubs general sponsors.

CSKA begins second round of Euroleague in first place

Regardless of the results of the rest of the three games in group C of the Euroleague, CSKA will finish the first round of the Euroleague in first place. Among all teams in the league, CKSA has the greatest point differential - 79 points.